• Temperature measurement accuracy:
    • PRTs; ±0.005°C (using external DAQ-STAQ multiplexer)
    • Thermocouples; ±0.5°C (using high capacity module/internal CJC)
    • Thermistors; ±0.002°C
  • -328 to 2192°F (-200 to 1200°C) temperature range
  • 0Ω to 4kΩ resistance
  • Up to 40 isolated universal inputs
  • Flexible configuration
  • Up to 10 channels per second
  • Four modes of operation
  • Real time color trending
  • Automated sensor calibration

What's in the Box

  • USB cable
  • Line cord
  • Traceable calibration cert
  • Screwdriver (HC module)
  • User manual on CD
  • USB serial driver on CD


The Fluke 1586A Super-DAQ Precision Temperature Scanner scans and records temperature, DC voltage, DC current and resistance for up to 40 input channels and scan speeds as fast as 10 channels per second. The Super-DAQ can be configured for use as a multi-channel data logger in the factory or as a precision reference thermometer for benchtop sensor calibration in the lab.

The 1586A records up to 20 MB of data and set up files to internal non-volatile memory or to an external USB drive or LAN connection and veiw data in microsoft® Excel. Two independent, user defined alarms for each channel indicate when an upper or lower range has been exceeded.

The 1586A is ideal for applications such as thermal mapping, temperature validation, process sensor calibration, heat-treat furnace testing, process monitoring, quality control testing, and more. These applications are found in various industries including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food processing, aerospace, and automotive.