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Waygate Technologies delay line transducers are single beam units that are designed for use with the GE Inspection Technologies USM Go flaw detector. These transducers incorporate a short plastic waveguide or delay line between the active element and the test piece which improves near surface resolution as well as protects the active element from thermal damage in high temperature testing. The delay lines are replaceable to increase versatility and lifespan of the transducer. A layer of couplant is required between the transducer and the material being tested.

Waygate Technologies delay line transducers are ideal for near surface flaw detection, thickness measurement, inspection of thin sections, curved parts (including tubing and pipe), composites and plastics, and turbine blades.

Waygate Technologies delay line transducers are part of the Alpha series of ultrasonic transducers:

Alpha Series Features

  • Recommended for applications where resolution is the primary consideration
  • Suitable for applications such as thickness measurement and near-surface flaw detection
  • Very short pulse—mechanically damped to the limit of current technology
  • Gain is usually lower than that of other series
  • Broadband—typical 6 dB bandwidths range from 50% to 100%
  • Typical Alpha waveforms exhibit one to two full ring cycles, depending on frequency, size and other parameters

Waygate Technologies is formerly known as GE Inspection Technologies (GEIT)