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  • Enhanced energy savings
  • Simplified maintenance for both the drive and equipment
  • Optimized for HVAC
  • Operator-friendly features
  • A multi-function keypad with large 7-segment, 5-digit LED display
  • Network compatibility
  • Global compatibility
  • Extended 10-year lifespan of limited-life components
  • Compact size allows side-by-side mounting to save space
  • Equipped with full PID control functions
  • Displays service life information


The Fuji Electric FRENIC-Eco inverter is an environmentally friendly drive that features the industry's highest level of efficiency, significantly reducing energy use. The drive features network compatibility and long-term reliability for three-phase applications, ranging from 1 to 900 hp. These high performance AC drives, variable frequency drives (VFD) and v/Hz vector drives are optimized for HVAC applications, such as chillers, air handlers, and fan coils. With the FRENIC-Eco, Fuji Electric is aiming to optimize energy savings as a complete system approach and not focusing only on reducing energy consumed by the motor.

The FRENIC-Eco includes as a standard 7 digital inputs, 3 transistor digital outputs and 2 relay transistor outputs. Three relay outputs can be added by using an option board. The inverter includes one RS485 port while a second serial port can be added with an option board. The FRENIC-Eco is equipped with full PID control functions. A multi-function keypad with large 7-segment, 5-digit LED display is included as standard.

Limited-life components of the FRENIC-Eco have been maximized for a 10-year lifespan. Like other products from the FRENIC line, the FRENIC-Eco displays complete maintenance information such as the information of the last 4 alarms (code of the alarm, output frequency, output voltage, output current, digital inputs and outputs status) as well as the cumulative running time of the inverter fan, cumulative running of the inverter and the actual capacity of the main DC link capacitors. This information is saved and can be very useful to take preventive maintenance actions. The drive is also compatible with network operation.


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