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  • Multi-rated specification solution for ½ to 1000HP
  • Designed for constant & variable torque applications
  • Configurable Overload capability from 120% to 200%
  • Simple and easy setup feature with FREE software
  • DC link reactor furnished with units rated for ≥100HP
  • Optional keypad with USB port
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Built-in customizable logic
  • Brake control function
  • Advanced PID functions (dancer control)
  • Built in advanced functions & EN954-1 safety input
  • Industry leading MTBF with 3 year warranty


The Fuji Electric FRENIC-Mega Inverter is a high performance, multifunctional drive that combines state-of-the-art technology with unyielding standards of quality and flexibility to meet the demands of both simple and complex industrial applications. Offering expanded power ratings and flexible configurations that support 1/2 up to 1,000 hp AC drive, variable frequency drive (VFD), v/ Hz vector drive applications, these inverters are designed for long lifecycles and improved maintenance functions.

The Fuji FRENIC-Mega has been developed to use with variety of 3-phase industrial motors by improving the basic performance, meeting the requirements for various applications, achieving lower maintenance and reducing environmental impact. The FRENIC-Mega is packed with features and offers simple, intuitive start up.

Main features of Fuji Electric FRENIC-Mega Inverter:

  • Safety enable input (compliant to EN954-1 category 3)
  • Built-in EMC filter for all capacities (compliant to EN 61800-3, category C3)
  • Sensorless vector control mode (100% torque at 0 Hz)
  • Advanced PID functions (dancer control)
  • Brake control function
  • Logic gates for logic combination of input and output functions and delay timer (10 steps)
  • Positioning function (when encoder option is used)
  • 3 slots for 3 different options at the same time (encoder, fieldbus, I/O expansion)
  • Removable control terminals (cage clamp type)

The Fuji Electric FRENIC-Mega is the ideal solution for low duty, medium duty or heavy duty applications in any variable torque or constant torque applications including belt conveyors, warehouse applications, winders, press machines, centrifugal separators and extruders.