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  • Ranges:
    • 278610; 0.1 to 111, 111Ω
    • 278620; 1 to 1, 111, 110Ω
  • 32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C) operating temp range
  • 25 to 85% relative to humidity
  • More than 500MΩ at 500V DC insulation resistance
  • 250V maximum circuit voltage
  • 0.5W/step, 5W for overall instrument max allowable input
  • less than 23mΩ residual resistance

The Yokogawa 2786 Decade Resistance Boxes are six dial boxes that allow quick and easy setting of a wide range of resistance. These resistance boxes are used in combination with voltage or current standards to adjust voltage or current, as dummy resistances or as an arm of AC bridges.