Rosemount Analytical 3800 pH Sensor

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  • Sterilizations up to 284°F (140°C)
  • Temperature range up to 221°F (105°C)
  • 0 to 14 pH range
  • Fast, accurate & improved stability
  • Withstands multiple steam sterilization cycles
  • Individual quality certification
  • Pressure range:
    • max 6 bar at 105°C
    • max 72 psig (600kPa) at 221°F)

The Rosemount Analytical 3800 pH sensor is designed for accuracy and stability in heat intensive applications, and are optimized for autoclaving and steam sterilization. Building on PERpH-X and AccuGlass technology, the 3800 sensors exhibit unparalleled stability after exposure to high temperature sterilization.

The PUR-senseTM reference electrode uses a silver-silver chloride sensor in combination with a new gelled potassium chloride electrolyte to provide a stable reference potential through the single proprietary ceramic reference junction. 3800 test data indicates the sensor drift is well within 0.1pH (0.02-0.07pH).

The proven stability of the 3800 sensors translates into less maintenance and more reliable measurements even after multi autoclaving cycles. 3800 models are at least 2 times more stable than any other pH sensor in this challenging application. All pH sensors were calibrated in buffer solution prior to drift measurements. Testing media for this test was cell-culture or simulated perfusion culture process.


Rosemount Analytical Connector Cable
Lengths of cable with VP8 sensor connectors
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Please consider these optional accessories.

Rosemount Analytical Assembly Kits
Retraction Assembly or insertion assembly kit, 70mm insertion
Rosemount Analytical 99CC Calibration Certificate
One certificate per lot at standard factory ranges only, includes the model, serial and/or tag numbers (does not include actual test data)
Rosemount Analytical Electronic Calibration
Certificate for specific unit, includes model, serial and/or tag numbers, test standards, NIST report numbers, & the actual test data
Rosemount Analytical Certificate of Origin
Original certificate of origin with chamber of commerce stamp


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