• pH Range: 2 to 12
  • Temperature Range: 14 to 284°F (-10 to 140°C)
  • Maximum Pressure: 87 psig (600 kPa abs, 6 bar)
  • Wetted materials: Glass, EPDM
  • Process connections: PG 13.5 threads
  • 120mm sensor length
  • Fixed or retractable mounting configurations
  • Provides fast and stable readings


The Rosemount Analytical Hx338+ pH Sensor provides biotechnology and pharmaceutical processes with the unique Tri-Triple reference technology. The Tri-Triple reference is made up of three (3) separate peripheral liquid junctions that make contact with the solution, and then two (2) inner junctions that protect the reference. The first junction eliminates flow sensitivity and maintains a steady reference signal. The three overall reference junctions work together to help maintain a drift-free pH signal and fight poisoning ions (i.e. sulfides, proteins, or sugars), even after numerous sterilization cycles.

This sensor is also excellent for other applications, including chemical reactions or food processing. The Hx338+ can be used with the Insertion or Retractable sensor mounting assemblies or similar accessories with a PG 13.5 sensor connection, all of which can be used with large scale batch processes where steam-in-place sterilization is performed. For smaller batch processes, it can be threaded directly into the top plate and autoclaved if necessary.

The 12 mm diameter sensor is offered in five different lengths for various insertion depths. The sensor features a PG 13.5 thread for simple process connection and a single-pole S7 connector plug for quick disconnect from a mating cable. VP8 cable assembly works with both VP6 and VP8 sensor connector (-72).


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