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  • DMS Go+ comes with D-pad (arrow key) control
  • 0.010 to 25in (0.40 to 650mm) measuring range in steel
  • 0.0098 to 0.6299in/µs (250 to 16,000m/s) mat. velocity
  • 0.0001 or 0.01in (0.01 or 0.1mm) display resolution
  • LCD display, 800 x 480 pixels
  • USM Go flaw detector upgrade available
  • Flip function allows for left or right hand use
  • Vibration and shock tested
  • IP67 sealed for dust & water protection

What's in the Box

  • Lithium Ion "on-board" rechargeable battery
  • Battery charger /AC power supply
  • LCD screen protectors (10-pack)
  • SD card (8GB)
  • Transport case
  • Hand strap
  • Quick reference card
  • Operating manual on CD
  • Certificate of conformity
  • Couplant sample


The Waygate Technologies DMS Go Thickness Gauge combines an intuitive user interface, powerful data management, and an ability to provide accurate, reliable and comprehensive thickness inspection data. It has automatic gain control for excellent repeatability and corrosion monitoring. The main unit comes in three models:

DMS Go+ Basic

Uses A-scan verification and is compatible with high quality D-Meter dual element probes to handle a wide range of corrosion thickness applications.

DMS Go+ (Base)

Takes the basic features and adds B-scan (timed) for cross-sectional view and compatibility with single element probes for precision thickness measurement and temperature compensated readings up to 1000°F (540°C).

DMS Go+ Advanced

Can do all of the above and provides additional features of 6 data recording file structures plus 3D & 4D via UltraMATE and TopCoat/Auto-V measurement capabilities to eliminate removal of many coatings.

For comparison at a glance, view the DMS Go+ model differentiation table.

Waygate Technologies DMS Go Thickness Gauge Applications

Oil & Gas

  • Inspection and monitoring of corrosion in tubes, vessels and tanks
  • Measurement of remaining wall thickness through paint coatings

Power Generation

  • Inspection of complex geometry tubes
  • Monitoring boiler efficiency by measuring oxide scale in boiler tubes with special probe OSS-10


  • Maintenance checks

Metals Industry

  • Thickness measurement of austenitic materials

Waygate Technologies is formerly known as GE Inspection Technologies (GEIT)


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This product can be used in the following applications:

Here's how some of our customers use this product...

Crane Arm Pin Monitoring

The Background: The customer maintains large construction cranes and is looking for a way to determine the condition of the hinge pin that links the crane booms. Due to the immense weight of the booms, the pins can develop cracks which may eventually shear resulting in catastrophic failure.

The Problem: It is difficult to determine the condition of the pin, which is about 2” in diameter, when it’s installed due to its location inside the hinge assembly. Only the ends of the pin are visible and accessible.

The Solution: Using the GE Inspection Technologies DMS Go Thickness Gauge and a standard 5mhz probe, the customer can climb out to the hinge pin, while still in use, and measure its thickness down the shaft. The technician knows how long the pin is supposed to be and any thickness reading below this indicates the pin as cracked and separated. The crane can then be safely decommissioned for repair as needed.

Plastic Bottle Manufacturing

The Background: Our customer manufactures plastic bottles and seeks a method of spot checking the thickness of bottles as they come off the production line as part of their quality assurance protocol.

The Problem: Plastic returns a fairly weak signal which is compounded by the thinness of the bottle wall. This makes thickness testing a bit more difficult than usual.

The Solution: We recommended the GE Inspection Technologies DMS Go+ with the Alpha DFR-P transducer. The DMS Go+ is ideal for this application due to its high level of control over the gain and gate of the measurement, making it easier to identify weak signals. The DFR-P was chosen for its ability to read down to 0.005" in plastics.

In Stock

Part Number Model Kit Flaw Detector Upgrade Price Available
Base: A-scan, B-scan, & compatible with single element probes
DA501 probe and cable
Must be ordered separately with kit selection
$5,469.00 1 in stock
Base: A-scan, B-scan, & compatible with single element probes
DA512 probe with potted cable
Must be ordered separately with kit selection
$5,469.00 1 in stock
Basic: A-scan
DA501 probe and cable
Must be ordered separately with kit selection
$4,260.00 1 in stock

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