Rosemount Analytical 5081FG Oxygen Analyzer
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  • Two-Wire In Situ Oxygen Analyzer
  • Operating temp: 1022° to 2550°F 550° to 1400°C
  • Assists in low NOx operation
  • Calibration check ability
  • Fast response – no flame arrestors
  • HART/AMS communications
  • Accuracy ±1.5% of reading
  • Intrinsically safe:
    • ATEX, Zone 1, EEx ia IIC T4
    • Class I, Div. I, Gr. A, B, C, D T4

The Rosemount Analytical 5081FG Oxygen Analyzer utilizes a zirconium oxide sensor to measure excess oxygen in combustion processes and can operate at high temperatures 550º to 1400ºC (1022º to 2550ºF).

Many operators of combustion processes have applications that involve hazardous gases in the process itself or in the ambient gases in the area where the analyzer's electronics are installed. These operators are often concerned that the cell heater can serve as an ignition source to these hazardous gases inside the process or that the electronics can provide ignition to hazardous process or ambient gases that may be present. As a result of these concerns, these users must purchase oxygen analyzers with costly protection features.

In addition, traditional in situ oxygen analyzers use metallic alloys that are also limited to temperatures in the range of 701°C (1300°F). This process temperature limitation prohibits the analyzer from being inserted close to the actual combustion process. Many operators prefer to measure flue gas oxygen close to the furnace or radiant section for a more representative oxygen measurement. Improved analyzer accuracy often results in significant fuel savings or improved process throughput.

The Model 5081FG Two-Wire In Situ OxygenAnalyzer utilizes a zirconium oxide sensor to measure excess oxygen in combustion processes. The cost-effective design enables it to accurately measure excess oxygen in process temperatures ranging from 550° to 1400°C (1022° to 2550°F). In addition, the Model 5081FG is designed so that both its oxygen probe and the electronics are intrinsically safe without requiring costly design modifications such as flame arrestors. The oxygen probe is constructed of ceramic materials capable of withstanding high process temperatures.Also, the analyzer eliminates the use of the cell heater, using the higher process temperatures to heat the zirconium oxide sensor cell to the temperature required by the Nernst equation principle of operation.

The Model 5081FG analyzer's electronics are intrinsically safe, powered by the 4-20 mA signal wires. In addition, the electronics permit configuration, operation and diagnostics with an easy-to-use hand-held Infrared Remote Control (IRC). Only one IRC is required to communicate with any number of Model 5081FG Two-Wire In Situ Oxygen Analyzers at the user's location. Communication with any specific Model 5081FGAnalyzer is accomplished by aiming the IRC beam directly at the electronics and entering its factory or user ID number at the prompt. This instrument can also communicate over the 4-20 mA signal wires with a HART® communicator or Emerson Process Management AMS software.

5081FG Applications include:

  • Process heaters – hazardous areas
  • Reactor furnaces – hazardous areas
  • Boiler radiant zones (measures before air leaks, tuning individual burners, NOX reduction)
  • Sulfur recovery furnaces
  • Hazardous waste incinerators
  • Steel reheat furnaces
  • Glass furnaces
  • Carburizing furnaces


Rosemount Analytical 5081FG Test Probes
Test probe to verify mechanical installation/application, no cell included
Rosemount Analytical High Temp Probes
Alumina or Inconel probe material and 20", 26" or 38" length options


Please consider these optional accessories.

Rosemount Analytical IR Remote Control
IR Remote control for the 5081FG
Rosemount Analytical 99CC Calibration Certificate
One certificate per lot at standard factory ranges only, includes the model, serial and/or tag numbers (does not include actual test data)
Rosemount Analytical Electronic Calibration
Certificate for specific unit, includes model, serial and/or tag numbers, test standards, NIST report numbers, & the actual test data
Rosemount Analytical 99LC Loop Calibration
Analyzer & sensor(s) are loop calibrated as a system using NIST traceable reference instruments, certificate includes actual test data
Rosemount 1410 Wireless Gateway
Connects WirelessHART networks with host systems & data applications, offers network flexibility for remote indoor operations
Rosemount 1420 Wireless Gateway
NEMA 4X gateway connects WirelessHART networks with host systems with the capacity for up to 100 devices
Rosemount 775 Wireless THUM Adapter
Enables wireless capabilities for 2, 3, or 4-wire HART devices to remotely manage, monitor & gather data
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