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  • 266°F (130°C) or 392°F (200°C) options
  • 20', 50' or 100' length options
  • 1,000Ω resistance


Dynasonics TFX Ultra RTD kits are clamp-on RTD kits for the Dynasonics TFX ultrasonic flow meter for energy usage readings. Temperature measurements, when used in conjunction with flow measurement, can yield energy usage readings in the form of heat flow. To find the net heat loss or gain, energy usage is calculated by multiplying the flow rate of the heat transfer fluid by the change of heat content in that fluid after it has done some kind of work.

An ultrasonic meter equipped with heat flow capabilities is designed to measure the rate and quantity of heat delivered or removed from devices such as heat exchangers. The instrument measures the volumetric flow rate of the heat exchanger liquid, the temperature at the inlet pipe and the temperature at the outlet pipe.