Condec PIN7000 / PIN7010 Pneumatic Pressure Intensifier
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  • Generates up to 10 times input pressure
  • Electronically controlled intensifier system
  • Precision regulator to adjust input pressure
  • Three gauges to monitor:
    • Regulated pressure
    • Accumulated pressure
    • Output pressure
  • Patented micro-metering valves
  • Quick-disconnect fittings and hoses
  • Easy to operate, training in 10 minutes
  • Self-contained enclosure with carrying handles (PIN7000)
  • 19 inch rack-mount version (PIN7010)

The Condec PIN7000 / PIN7010 Pneumatic Pressure Intensifier operates using any clean dry air or gaseous nitrogen. Containing an automatic precision intensifying system, these models generate up to 10 times the input pressure.

This easy-to-operate system provides fingertip control with the exclusive micro-metering valve for pressure adjustment and venting. Monitoring has never been easier with three gauges that account for regulated pressure, accumulated pressure, and output pressure. These units are completely equipped with quick-disconnect fittings and hoses for rapid input and output pressure.

These pressure intensifying systems were designed for custom use. The compact PIN7000 incorporates a portable configuration for on-the-go operation. The rugged PIN7010 is a rack-mount model, ideal for frequent in-house use.

Applications include:

  • High pressure supply, up to 10,000 psi, for test equipment
  • Ideal for fluid-free high pressure calibration
Condec 59533 External Portable Pressure Cylinder
External portable pressure cylinder 83.3 cu ft
Condec 55280 Test Port
Additional test port (output) 4 1/2 ft. long hose
Condec 58478 Pressure Trap
Pressure trap for PIN7000/PIN7010 pneumatic pressure intensifier
Condec 55542 Quick Disconnect Test Port
Quick-disconnect test port (output) fitting male plug and 7/16-20 37 DEG (AN-4) JIC male on opposite end w/ internal 40 micron filter
Condec 150613 External Cylinder Fill
5ft long hose with CGA-580 type male nipple both ends 0-3000 PSI working pressure