Condec PIN8000 / PIN8010 Pneumatic High Source Pressure Intensifier
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  • Clean dry gaseous nitrogen or clean dry air
  • 10,000 psi max output
  • Operating: 40 to 140°F (4 to 60°C)
  • Precision regulator to adjust input pressure
  • Three gauges to monitor:
    • Regulated pressure
    • Accumulated pressure
    • Output pressure
  • Patented micro-metering valves
  • Quick-disconnect fittings and hoses
  • self-contained enclosure or 19" rack mount options

The Condec PIN8000 / PIN8010 Pneumatic High Source Pressure Intensifier features two OUTPUT ports, and the patented Orion 3A valve, with vernier for finger-tip adjustments. Do calibrations utilizing the PIN8000 or PIN8010 pneumatic pressure intensifier! Both the PIN8000 and PIN8010 (19-inch rack-mount) operate using any clean dry air or gaseous nitrogen.

Containing an automatic precision intensifying system, these models generate up to 10 times the input pressure. This easy-to-operate system provides fingertip control within the exclusive patented precision Orion 3A valve. By utilizing the soft-seal micro-metering valves for pressure adjustment and venting, in conjunction with the vernier, user gains finite control to obtain exact pressure readings.

By properly setting the included Condec REG 1000 regulator, units under test are protected from permanent damage due to overpressure. PIN8000 eliminates the inconvenience and physical stress of hand pumps. It has two output (test) ports for connecting to a measuring device and virtually any electronic calibrator. For added convenience, the removable cover allows PIN8000 to be positioned at different angles for easy operation in tight spaces.

Condec 59533 External Portable Pressure Cylinder
External portable pressure cylinder 83.3 cu ft
Condec 58478 Pressure Trap
Pressure trap for PIN7000/PIN7010 pneumatic pressure intensifier
Condec 55542 Quick Disconnect Test Port
Quick-disconnect test port (output) fitting male plug and 7/16-20 37 DEG (AN-4) JIC male on opposite end w/ internal 40 micron filter
Condec 55280 Test Port
Additional test port (output) 4 1/2 ft. long hose
Condec 68862 Seal Plug
Seal plug for Orion test port #2