• Watertight NEMA 4 or explosion proof NEMA 7 enclosures
  • Switch elements for all applications
  • Fixed or limited adjustable deadband
  • UL listings standard
  • Setpoints adjustable from 15 to 100% of range
  • (-40 to 60°F) to (500 to 750°F) temp range
  • CSA listings available
  • ATEX models available
  • IECEx models available
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The Ashcroft B-Series temperature switches feature a SAMA Class II vapor pressure thermal system. This system provides quick, accurate response to process temperature changes with negligible ambient temperature effects. This is inherent in the design due to the precise relationship that exists between temperature and pressure according to the vapor pressure laws. A wide selection of sensing bulb and armored capillary lengths are available. The vapor pressure system design features small bulb sizes, making installation easy and cost-effective.

All models feature ±1.0% percent of span setpoint repeatability with very high overtemperature ratings. These standard designs perform well in applications where shock and vibration could be a problem and should be used with Ashcroft thermowells for bulb protection and ease of installation and maintenance.

Ashcroft temperature switches have bulb diameters to match 3/8 inch nominal bore thermowells. The bulbs have a sensitive portion length of 2 inches which can be used with 2.5 inch "U" dimensioned thermowells or longer. For maximum accuracy, a thermowell's "U" dimension should be selected to permit complete immersion of the sensitive portion plus 1 inch when measuring the temperature of liquids; an extra 3 inches should be allowed when measuring the temperature of gases.


Here's how some of our customers use this product...

Preventing Accidental Scalding in a Safety Shower

The Background: Our customer is an industrial facility that uses hazardous chemicals as part of their manufacturing process. As per OSHA regulations, they have a number of safety showers and eye wash stations on the manufacturing floor in the event of a worker being exposed to these chemicals.

The Problem: Though OSHA requires safety showers and eye wash stations, they do not specify details. Instead, they refer companies to ANSI Z358.1-2014 which specifies standards for protecting workers from hazardous chemical exposure. ANSI standards recommend the temperature of safety showers to be between 60 and 100°F.

Our customer wants a way to prevent the heated water in their safety showers from accidently scalding people.

The Solution: We recommended an Ashcroft B-Series temperature switch which provides quick, accurate response to process temperature changes with negligible ambient temperature effects. The B-Series allows our customer to maintain the recommended temperatures without the risk of scalding.

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