• Single or dual independently adjustable setpoints
  • Watertight NEMA 4X IP66 enclosure
  • Fixed or adjustable deadband
  • Approved for UL, CSA & FM ratings
  • Setpoints adjustable from 15 to 100% of range
  • Switch elements for all applications
  • Wide choice of actuators
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The Ashcroft L-Series pressure, differential pressure, and vacuum switches use two different actuators depending on setpoint requirements. For setpoints between 2 and 3000 psi, the simple, rugged diaphragm sealed piston actuator is used. This design features high reliability and a choice of actuator seal materials for virtually every application. An optional welded design is also available for setpoints up to 1000 psi for maximum reliability. This design is available in 316 SS or Monel. Differential pressure models use a unique dual-diaphragm sealed piston design that features very high static operating pressures in a small size.

For setpoints between 4.5 and 150 inches of H2O, a large diaphragm is used for increased sensitivity in both pressure and differential pressure designs. All standard models feature ±1% of range setpoint repeatability and a minimum of 400% of range proof pressures. These standard designs perform well in applications where shock and vibration are a potential problem and may be used with Ashcroft diaphragm seals in extreme services such as slurries or abrasive process fluids.

L-Series switches are successful in pulp and paper mills, refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, dairies, breweries, water and sewage treatment plants, steel mills, and other tough environments. Typical applications are on compressors, pumps, paint spraying equipment, boilers and burners, turbines, reverse osmosis systems, filters and presses.


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