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  • SMART preamplifier stores calibration and other data
  • High temperature design increases sensor life
  • Fast, Accurate, & Stable Measurement
  • Rugged, Versatile Design
  • long lasting rebuildable reference
  • Quick connect cable or integral cable
  • VP8 Connector Cable in multiple lengths


The Rosemount Analytical PERpH-X. High Performance pH sensors incorporate several design innovations that prolong the life of the pH sensor in difficult applications. High temperatures cause deterioration of the glass pH sensing membrane, depletion of the reference electrolyte, and thermal stress on all sensor components. Use the Models 3300HT, 3400HT and 3500P to lower your total cost of ownership and avoid frequent sensor replacement.

The SMART option becomes enabled when used with the Model 1056, 1057 Analyzer and on 6081P wireless transmitter. The pH-loop capabilities include auto-recognition of the SMART sensor, automatic upload of calibration data and associated time stamp, historical recording of pH diagnostics (slope, offset, reference impedance, glass impedance). This trending data allows technicians to predict frequency of maintenance and estimate sensor life for a particular process condition. Additional SMART features include factory calibration, resetting SMART sensor calibration data with user menus without power cycling, and manufacturing information.

The PERpH-X sensors contain an enhanced double junction reference that is excellent for extreme applications. The outer gel based reference retains viscosity to resist the pumping actions of temperature and pressure. Predictive maintenance of the outer reference can extend the ultimate life of the pH sensor considerably by preventing concentration changes in the inner reference.

Reference flow into the process stream is controlled using a porous Teflon junction that can be replaced in the event of fouling or plugging. The specially designed junction is chemically resistant and has a large surface area to maintain a steady reference signal in dirty or oily applications.



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