Rosemount Analytical Refill Kits
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This product is an accessory for the following products:

Rosemount Analytical Model 3400HT pH / ORP Sensor
SMART technology, high temp design, fast, accurate & stable measurements
Rosemount Analytical Model 3500 pH /ORP Sensor
SMART technology, electrolyte solution kits, PERpH-X™ high performance
Rosemount Analytical Model Model 3300HT / 3300HTVP pH/ORP sensors
SMART enabled, high temp design, PERpH-X high performance

30 cc Syringe (4-5 refills per syringe)

Kit option specifications:

  • HT Refill Kit (0°C to 145°C, 293°F)
  • BF Refill Kit (0°C to 60°C, 140°F)
  • PR Refill Kit (0° C to 100°C, 212°F)
  • OR Refill Kit (0° C to 100°C, 212°F)
  • SR Refill Kit (0° C to 100°C, 212°F)
  • MR Refill Kit (0° C to 145°C, 293°F)