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  • 160x120 resolution
  • <0.07°C sensitivity
  • ±2% or 2°C accuracy
  • -20 to 650°C
  • 3.1 MPixel camera
  • Data Streaming to PC with USB
  • Time vs Temperature Plotting
  • Minimum spot size: 200 micron

FLIR developed a new alternative that you can't afford to pass up. No one can afford costly product recalls and do-overs caused by inadequate temperature measurement devices.

Throw out the rat's nest of thermocouples, the painstaking spot temp guns, and all the questionable results that go with them. Know exactly where to measure, trust your findings every time, and become far more productive with a FLIR Bench Top Test Kit.

Thermocouples are limited to a best guess of where the right measurement points might be and often create undesirable heat sinks that alter a target's thermal properties. A spot pyrometer isn't very effective either. Like a thermocouple, it only measures one point at a time. Worse, it merely senses the average temperature of an area, and the farther away from the object, the greater the discrepancy.

But with the infrared camera in a FLIR Bench Top Test Kit, you can detect thousands of measurement points in each thermal image and get reliable data in seconds. Together with the kit's lens choices and time vs. temperature plotting software, FLIR now offers the most dependable infrared solution to help paint the complete picture and get it right the first time.

Innovative Beats Outdated Every Time. Eliminate risky guesswork with instant noncontact readings that deliver up to 76,800 repeatable, accurate temperature measurements in each thermographic image.

Spot-on Detection. FLIR's standard ± 2% accuracy with down to < 0.05°C sensitivity lets you see the fine thermal variations necessary for critical documentation.

Optics Options. View an entire printed circuit board with the wide field-of-view lens or tighten in to a 125 μm spot size with the close focus 45° lens included in the kit.

Portable & Easy-to-Operate. Compact at less than two pounds (including battery), the camera takes up little bench space and can be easily moved to other test stations for fast, intuitive, mobile data acquisition and analysis.

On-Camera Measurement Analysis. Spot and area measurement tools built into the touchscreen interface provide quick temperature analysis on live thermal imagery or recorded snapshots.

Movie Recording & Data Logging. Stream to a PC via USB to display, record, and further analyze images. Chart time vs. temperature for spot and area measurements

FLIR E40sc Bench Top Test Kit

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  • E40 thermal camera
  • 19,200 pixels/spots per image
  • 25° and 45° optics
  • Measurements down to 200 microns
  • Real-time image/data logging and plotting software
  • Camera tripod adapter for locked-down targeting


Detector160x120 / 320x240
Total Pixels19200 / 76800
Min (°C)-20
Max (°C)650
Field of View25x19
LaserOn LCD
Digital Camera FunctionFixed PIP 3MP / Scaling PIP. 3.1MP
Thermal Sensitivity0.05°C
LCD Diagonal Size3.5" Touch
Video OutputComposite
Adjustable Emissivity Yes
Image Rate60 Hz / 30 Hz
Alarms / IsothermsAbove/Below
Box3 / 5
Moveable Spots3 / 5
Optional Lens (Temp or FOV)None / 1200°C|6°/15°/45°/90°/100µ/50µ/25µ
Battery Life (hours)4 hours / >4 hours
Unique FeaturesWifi Capable (E40)
MPEG 4 Video recording (E40)
BlueTooth (E40)
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