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  • SIL 2 compatible according to IEC 61508-2
  • HART 6 protocol
  • Dual Input
  • Isolation 1500 VAC
  • 5 year guaranted stability
  • Withstands 10 g vibrations
  • Complies with NAMUR NE 21, NE 43, NE 53, NE 89 and NE 107
  • EMC immunity according to Criteria A
  • Sensor Drift Monitoring
  • Sensor Isolation Monitoring
  • 50 point customized linearization
  • Integrated in Emerson AMS and Siemens PDM systems


The INOR 520 temperature transmitters are universal, isolated, dual-input temperature transmitters with additional voltage and resistance input. Typical characteristics are the high accuracy, reliable measurements, product safety and user efficiency. The transmitters are compatible with the HART 6 protocol offering extended diagnostic information.

The combination of a high-efficient 50-point linearization and an electronic design based on the most precise and "zero-drift" technology results in a high basic accuracy and excellent long-term stability. The drift over 5 years is guaranteed to maximum of ±0.05 °C or ±0.05 % of the measuring span. Features like continuous self-calibration of the input AD converter in every measurement cycle and a "zero-drift" current generation of the output DA converter have strongly reduced the ambient temperature influence to a minimum.

For resistance and mV inputs, the 50-point Customized Linearization can provide a correct process value, in a choice of engineering units, for a sensor with non-linear input/output relation. For smoothing down instabilities on the input, an additional filter, with an adjustable filtering level can be activated.

Dual-sensor input allows for backup between two sensors. Should a lead break or short-circuit be detected on one of the sensor circuits, an automatic switchover to the intact sensor will occur.

The dual-sensor input for RTD, Resistance or Thermocouple allows for 3 output alternatives, each represented by a 4-20 mA signal:

  • The measured value of sensor 1
  • The measured value of sensor 2
  • A calculated value from sensor 1 and 2, e.g. Difference, Average, Minimum and Maximum.

If an RTD or thermocouple with double sensor elements is used, the 520 transmitters can detect sensor drift by checking the reading from both elements. If the difference is above a user-defined level, this will be indicated in ConSoft and with a diagnostic HART message, and the output signal can be forced upscale or downscale.

The isolation resistance of thermocouples and RTD's as well as the cabling between sensor and transmitter is being monitored. If the isolation is below a user-defined level, this will be indicated in ConSoft and with a diagnostic HART message, and the output signal can be forced upscale or downscale. This feature requires an extra lead inside the thermocouple or RTD.

The 520 transmitters accept inputs from standardized Platinum RTDs acc. to IEC 60751 and JIS C 1604, Nickel RTD's acc. to DIN 43760 and Cu10 acc. to Edison Cu Windings No. 15. Input for plain resistance, such as potentiometers, up to 4000 Ω is available. 2-, 3- or 4-wire connection can be chosen for single-input and dual-input (See Input connections below).

The 520 transmitters accept inputs from 10 types of standardized thermo¬couples as well as plain mV input up to 1000 mV. For T/C input, the CJC (Cold Junction Compensation) is either fully automatic, by means of an internal accurate sensor, external with Pt100 sensor or fixed by entering an external CJ temperature.

The PC configuration software, ConSoft, is a versatile and user-friendly tool for transmitter configuration, loop check-up and sensor diagnostics. It runs on Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. All features described in this data sheet are handled in a simple and fail-safe way. ConSoft is part of the complete Configuration Kit ICON, which also contains a USB Interface and necessary cables.

The 520 transmitters are fully compliant with the HART 6 protocol as well as the previous HART 5. HART 6 offers the possibility to receive diagnostic information such as sensor errors or sensor conditions, input wiring resistance too high, sensor backup mode, transmitter error etc. See User Instructions for details.

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