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  • Large full color graphic display with bright backlighting, zoom display and dimming mode
  • Sturdy metal gas and draft connectors
  • Uses up to 6 electrochemical sensors – field-upgradable
  • Unique B-Smart sensor technology saves downtime and calibration costs
  • Ten different fuels – ability to load custom fuels
  • Automatic CO over-range protection
  • Loss and efficiency are calculated from standard heat-loss calculations or using the Siegert formula for Europe
  • Multilingual display

The Bacharach PCA3 Portable Combustion Analyzer is the definitive combustion and emissions analyzer that enables fast and accurate measurement for on-demand or semi-continuous sampling of light industrial, institutional, commercial and residential furnaces, boilers and appliances.

The Bacharach PCA3 is the perfect tool for service technicians and boiler contractors who need to ensure safe operating conditions, determine combustion efficiency and perform emissions testing. This lightweight handheld combustion and emissions analyzer directly measures and displays Flue Gas Oxygen (O2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Stack Temperature, Draft, Differential Pressure, Combustion Air Temperature and optionally measures and displays Nitric Oxide (NO), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and Sulfur Dioxide (SO2). The PCA3 simultaneously calculates and displays Combustion Efficiency (EFF), Excess Air (EA), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), NOx and Oxygen reference values. Plus, the PCA3 performs combustion calculations for ten different fuels and uses up to six field-upgradable electrochemical sensors. With its large, bright full-color graphic display, reading combustion and emissions test results in any work environment has never been easier!


Bacharach IrDA Printer
IrDA Printer w/Disposable Batteries
Bacharach Printer Paper
Spare printer paper for IRDA printer (5 rolls)
In Stock


Bacharach Fyrite User Software CD
Used with instruments that provide automatic combustion test data logging


Bacharach B-Smart Sensor Exchange Program for the PCA3
Pre-calibrated sensor exchange program, every 9 months for 3 years
Bacharach 0024-0788 O2 Sensor
Replacement O2 Sensor for Bacharach INSIGHT Plus and PCA3 Combustion Analyzers
In Stock
Bacharach 0024-0789 Carbon Monoxide Sensor, CO (low)
Replacement Carbon Monoxide sensor, CO (low) for PCA3 Combustion Analyzer
Bacharach 0024-0881 Nitric Oxide sensor
Replacement Nitric Oxide sensor, NO for PCA3 Combustion Analyzer
Bacharach 0024-0997 Carbon Monoxide sensor (high range)
Replacement Carbon Monoxide sensor, CO (high) for PCA3 Combustion Analyzer
Bacharach 0024-0998 Sulfur Dioxide sensor
Replacement Sulfur Dioxide sensor, SO2 for PCA3 Combustion Analyzer
Bacharach 0024-1027 Nitrogen Dioxide sensor, NO2
Replacement Nitrogen Dioxide sensor, NO2 for PCA3 Combustion Analyzer
Bacharach 0024-1541 B-Smart CO Sensor
CO (H2-compensated) pre-calibrated sensor for PCA3 combustion analyzer
In Stock
Bacharach 0024-1542 B-Smart CO Sensor
CO (high range) pre-calibrated sensor for PCA3 combustion analyzer
Bacharach 0024-1543 B-Smart SO2 Sensor
SO2 Pre-Calibrated Sensor for PCA3 Combustion Analyzer
Bacharach 0024-1544 B-Smart NO2 Sensor
NO2 Pre-Calibrated Sensor for PCA3 Combustion Analyzer
Bacharach 0024-1545 B-Smart NO Sensor
NO Pre-Calibrated Sensor for PCA3 Combustion Analyzer


Please consider these optional accessories.

Bacharach 0024-1124 Hose Extension
20ft (6.1m) hose extension with sample, draft and thermocouple lines
Bacharach 0024-1254 Universal AC Power Adapter
Universal A/C adapter for PCA3 (110-240V)
Bacharach Replacement Probe Assembly
Replacement probe & hose assembly w/sample, draft & thermocouple lines for Bacharach combustion analyzers
Bacharach True Spot Smoke Test Kit
True Spot smoke test kit for evaluating smoke density
Bacharach Filter Elements
Replacement filter elements for water trap assemblies (pack of 3)


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