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  • Uses the fluorescence quenching method
  • Accuracy: ±0.1ppm between 0.0 and 8.0ppm
    • ±0.2ppm between 8 and 20ppm
  • Low maintenance: sensing cap requires only annual replacement
  • Integral 10 meter cable or twist-lock connector option


The Rosemount Analytical RDO sensor is for use in wastewater aeration basins and ponds. The sensor uses the fluorescence quenching method so it does not require a flowing sample and is more resistant to fouling than polarographic sensors, an important advantage in wastewater where coating is a common problem. Less sensitivity to fouling means less need for cleaning and reduced operating costs.

The Rosemount Analytical RDO sensor has a range from 0 to 20 ppm (mg/L) or 0 to 200% saturation with an accuracy of up to ±0.1 ppm. The sensor is available with either integral or quick disconnect cable. The maximum cable length is 4000 ft (1219 m). A 1-1/4 inch FNPT fitting at the rear of the sensor allows a threaded pipe to be screwed into the sensor so it can be submerged in tanks or basins. Maintenance of the RDO sensor consists primarily of replacing the sensing cap every year. No special tools are required.