AEMC Oscilloscope CII Series Power Kit
This product has been retired.



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This product is an accessory for the following products:

AEMC OX 7102-CII & OX 7104-CII Oscilloscopes
Oscilloscope, FFT analyzer, multimeter/wattmeter, harmonic analyzer, and recorder in a single instrument
AEMC OX 7202III & OX 7204III Oscilloscopes
Hand-held, two-channel oscilloscope with 200MHz bandwidth

Oscilloscope CII Series Power Kit (4 x 100 MHz, color). Kit includes:

  • (1)PROBIX K thermocouple adapter
  • (3) MiniFlex 0.5 A to 300 A, 3 MHz sensors
  • (3) set-of-two color-coded leads, 1.5 m (red/black) with color-coded alligator clips
  • Small classic tool bag