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  • 0 to 5VDC, 0 to 10VDC, or 976 to 2000Hz level measurement
  • Compact sensor optimized for small tank applications
    • 2 inch beam width & 2 inch dead band
  • Rugged PVDF transducer and polycarbonate enclosure
    • Rated 6P for corrosive media


The Flowline EchoPod DX10 ultrasonic sensor provides general purpose non-contact level measurement in small tanks. The DX10 includes an encapsulated, corrosion resistant, and submersible polycarbonate enclosure that is well suited for a wide range of corrosive, sticky or dirty type media. The DX10 is suitable for small atmospheric tank, IBC, drum, skid or process vessel and sump applications.

The Flowline EchoPod DX10 has a measuring range of up to 49.2" (1.25m) with an accuracy of 0.125" (3 mm). The sensor includes 0-5 VDC, 0-10 VDC or 976-2000Hz signal outputs. Users can select the voltage output to directly replace a contact measurement sensor connected to a PLC analog input. The frequency output can be selected to replace a contact measurement sensor or switch assembly, and eliminate the cost of an analog input card by connecting the DX10 to a PLC discrete input.

The Flowline EchoPod DX10 level sensor is configured using Flowline's WebCal software and Fob USB interface tool. A single configuration can be easily created, saved, duplicated, emailed or modified. Take control of your level process with WebCal's intuitive interface, pre-programmed menus, tank set point graphics and custom wiring diagrams for each of your configurations. It's level configuration made simple.