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Requires IFC200 USB Cable & Software Package (Purchased separately)


  • 100Ω platinum RTD temp sensor
  • Reading rates from every second to 12 hours
  • 316 stainless steel material
  • Extended temperature range
  • Simple set-up and installation
  • Minimal long-term maintenance
  • Long-term field deployment
  • Optional thermal shield available
  • Flexible 24 inch cable with insertion-style probe
  • Submersible
  • Programmable start time
  • NIST Traceable
  • CE approval

The MadgeTech HiTemp150FP is a small, rugged temperature data logger specifically designed for use in harsh environments. The unit is submersible and features a 24" flexible Teflon enclosed cable and a 4" stainless steel penetration-style probe. The external probe allows for easy insertion at the point being monitored while the body of the data recorder can be kept in another location. The HiTemp150FP includes a 316 stainless steel enclosure and low profile which makes it perfect for use in many applications such as autoclaves, medical and pharmaceutical labs, food preparation and processing plants, and other applications involving extreme temperatures. A version of the unit, the HiTemp150FP-TSK, includes a thermal shield which extends the temperature range to 250°C for applications that require even higher temperature monitoring such as ovens and food processing.

The MadgeTech HiTemp150FP features an RTD temperature sensor which allows for extremely fast response times and highly accurate readings over a temperature range of -40 to 150°C. Reading rates are configurable from once every second to once every twelve hours. With a reading capacity of 32,767 data points, the HiTemp150FP is perfect for use in even the longest of processes. Its real time clock ensures that all data is time and date stamped, making it easy to track and analyze temperature changes. The logger can be set for an immediate start or for activation at a future date and time, allowing for simultaneous data recording via the deployment of multiple loggers. Its non-volatile solid state memory keeps written data intact, even if the battery becomes discharged.

One of the most powerful features of the HiTemp150FP is the accompanying software (Madgetech data logger software). MadgeTech's easy-to-use Windows-based program features a variety of powerful tools, all of which work together to allow for the effortless creation and exportation of professionally formatted spreadsheets and customized graphs. Complex analyses, such as Mean Kinetic Temperature, Sterilization Units, and Pasteurization Units, can be performed with just one click of the mouse. In addition to data analysis, MadgeTech's software is used for the digital calibration of the HiTemp150FP.

Required Components

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MadgeTech IFC200 USB Cable & Software
USB interface cable and software package for MadgeTech data loggers
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