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  • Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX) for easier interpretation of an image
  • -4 to 1202°F temperature range
  • 19,200 pixel resolution (160 x 120)
  • Thermal sensitivity: < 0.07°C
  • Fixed Picture-in-Picture
  • Onboard 3.1MP digital camera
  • 3.5” touchscreen display with auto-orientation
  • 3 Spotmeters
  • Image annotation (voice + text)
  • 25° x 19° field of view
  • 7.5 to 13µm spectral range
  • Stores over 1000 radiometeric JPEG images on SD card
  • Manual focus lens with 2x continuous digital zoom
  • MeterLink technology embeds information from compatible clamp and moisture meters onto thermal images
  • FLIR Tools Mobile connects to compatible smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth

What's in the Box

  • Hard transport case
  • Battery
  • Calibration certificate
  • Camera lens cap
  • Downloads brochure
  • FLIR Tools software CD
  • Handstrap
  • Memory card
  • Power supply (multi-plugs)
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Important Info Guide
  • Service & training brochure
  • USB cable
  • User documentation CD
  • Video cable
  • Warranty extension card

The FLIR E40 infrared camera is a sophisticated point-and-shoot instrument that combines the best performance and value in compact thermal imaging cameras. Designed to fit beautifully into your IR inspection program, budget, and the palm of your hand, this infrared camera quickly pays for itself by identifying electrical, mechanical, or building envelope issues before a failure occurs or an expensive tear-down is required.

Easy to use right out of the box, the E40 and offers a temperature range of -20 to 650°C (-4 to 1202°F) with an accuracy of ±2% and a thermal sensitivity of < 0.07°C. The 160 x 120 pixel resolution provides impressive infrared image quality and a 3.1 megapixel digital camera provides fixed picture-in-picture imaging which allows the overlay of thermal and visible images for easy location identification and clearer documentation. Multi-Spectral Dynamic (MSX) imaging makes the interpretation of those digital images simpler by adding visible spectrum definition to IR images by detecting the edges of objects and including that detail in the thermal image making text more clearly visible so that users can read a label or identifier within the IR image. This exclusive function provides extraordinary thermal detail that instantly highlights and orients problem locations and eliminates the need to refer back to a visual image for detail. The manual focus lens has 2x continuous digital zoom and provides a 25° x 19° field of view.

With a bright, 3.5" landscape touchscreen, the E40 has an intuitive interface for the camera and takes full advantage of the display with no image cropping. The touchscreen can be used to control 3 box areas and 3 moveable spots which allows users to gather more detailed temperature information. Composite video and USB-mini outputs make it easy to stream video. The radiometric JPEG images that are created are stored on an SD card. An annotation feature allows users to add voice comments via Bluetooth headset and text notes from the touchscreen keypad.

The FLIR E40 thermal imager is equipped with a number of advanced communications options. The E40 can be linked via Wi-Fi to a smartphone or tablet with a simple download of FLIR Tools Mobile. This allows users to transfer images, add further measurement spots, readjust span and level, change palettes, create reports, and email findings to decision makers easily. The E40 also includes MeterLink to wirelessly transmit vital diagnostic data from clamp and moisture meters directly to the camera for annotating thermal images to further support findings and decisions.


Total Pixels19200
Min (°C)-20
Max (°C)650
Field of View25x19
LaserOn LCD
Digital Camera FunctionFixed PIP 3MP
Thermal Sensitivity0.05°C
LCD Diagonal Size3.5" Touch
Video OutputComposite
Adjustable Emissivity Yes
Image Rate60 Hz
Alarms / IsothermsAbove/Below
Moveable Spots3
Optional Lens (Temp or FOV)None
Battery Life (hours)4 hours
Unique FeaturesWifi Capable
MPEG 4 Video recording
Voice annotation
FLIR Thermal Imager Training Courses
Training courses designed to help users get the most from their thermal imagers
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FLIR Tools Plus Software
Provides a comprehensive set of infrared tools, with several cutting-edge controls
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FLIR E Series Battery Charger
Two bay battery charger designed for use with the E Series and Ebx Series thermal imagers
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FLIR T198487 Replacement Battery
Replacement Battery for the E-series Thermal Imagers
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Please consider these optional accessories.
FLIR E Series Infrared Camera Extended Warranties
Service packages for FLIR E series infrared cameras
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FLIR Accessory Lenses
Application specific lenses for FLIR thermal imagers
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FLIR T199235 High Temperature Lens
Allows FLIR Exx-Series thermal cameras to measure temperatures from 200 to 1200°C, almost twice their standard range
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Flir IR Inspection Windows
Perform infrared and visual inspections without exposure to safety hazards
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FLIR T198485 Sun Shield
Sun shield for the Exx/Exxbx series cameras
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FLIR T197771ACC Bluetooth Headset
Bluetooth Headset for the FLIR E Series
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FLIR T198486 Tripod Adapter
Aluminum tripod adapter for E/Ebx-series
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FLIR T198484 Pouch Case
Protective pouch case for FLIR Exx series infrared cameras
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FLIR T198509 Car Adapter
12 VDC adapter for cigarette lighter port with 3.9ft cable
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Spare Parts
FLIR T910814 Power Supply
Power supply designed for use with select FLIR thermal imagers
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FLIR Std A to Mini-B USB Cable
6.6ft (2m) length cable for select FLIR infrared cameras
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FLIR 1910582ACC Video Cable
Video Cable for Exx/Exxbx and T4xx/T4bxx series thermal imagers
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