• Built-in 2MP digital camera
  • High quality thermal imaging at 19,200 pixels (160 × 120)
  • Thermal sensitivity of 0.10°C
  • 3.5” touch-screen LCD
  • Manual focus
  • 60 Hz image frequency
  • Auto/manual level span adjustments
  • Temperature calibration standard at 250°C
  • Isotherm and automatic hot/cold detection marker
  • Radiometric and non-radiometric IR video streaming
  • Laser pointer
  • Composite video and USB-mini outputs
  • FLIR Tools software for camera updates


The FLIR E30 is a sophisticated point-and-shoot infrared camera that combines the best performance and value in compact thermal imaging cameras. Designed to fit beautifully into your IR inspection program, budget, and the palm of your hand, the E30 quickly pays for itself by identifying electrical, mechanical, or building envelope issues before a failure occurs or an expensive tear-down is required.

The FLIR E30 is easy to use out of the box and offers a temperature range of -20 to 250°C (-4 to 482°F) with an accuracy of ±2% and a thermal sensitivity of < 0.10°C. The 160 x 120 pixel resolution provides impressive infrared image quality while a laser pointer aids aiming. The manual focus lens provides a 25° x 19° field of view.

The FLIR E30 thermal imager includes a bright, 3.5" landscape touchscreen which provides an intuitive interface for the camera and takes full advantage of the display with no image cropping. The touchscreen can be used to control a box area and moveable spot which allows users to gather more detailed temperature information. Composite video and USB-mini outputs make it easy to stream video. Radiometric JPEG images are stored on an SD card.