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FLIR Reporter Standard is Windows and Word compatible software for creating compelling and professional reports with powerful new tools such as TripleFusion and Picture-in-Picture.

With FLIR Reporter Standard, it's easy to create customized reports. The ReportWizard guides you step-by-step in combining all IR inspection data - infrared and visual images, temperature measurements, and text notes – into a professional, easy-to-interpret maintenance report.

FLIR Reporter Standard's Picture-in-Picture (PIP) feature makes reporting easy and efficient. Simply download infrared and visible images to Reporter Standard. Easy-to-use dialog boxes and drag-and-drop features help you superimpose a smaller IR image inside the visible light photo. You can even move and size the PIP anywhere in the photo to show the level of detail that's right for your report.

FLIR Reporter Standard supports the embedded GPS feature of certain FLIR thermal imagers. Downloaded images contain GPS coordinates, which can be entered into reports. By clicking the icon, you can see a satellite image, get address information, even street directions to add to your report if needed.

FLIR Reporter Standard software includes numerous advanced features including: digital zoom, color palette changes, play back of voice comments recorded in the field. Automate calculations with the powerful formula tool and the time-saving one-click ΔT function.