Keller Preciseline High Accuracy Pressure Transmitter
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  • Non-linearity, hysteresis, & non-repeatability accuracy:
    • ±0.1% (±0.05% optional) FS Static (25°C)
    • ±0.25% (±0.1% optional) FS Total Error Band (TEB)
    • Note: SDI version includes ±0.1% FS TEB
  • 4-20mA & SDI-12 include lightning protection
    • Lifetime warranty against voltage surges
  • Ranges available from 0 to 2 up to 15,000 PSI
    • SDI-12 version from 0 to 5 up to 450 PSI
  • 316L SS & Fluorocarbon wetted materials
  • IP68 environmental protection with cable
    • IP65 with connectors
  • 2-year warranty (for material & workmanship defects)
  • Built in the USA (ARRA Section 1605 Compliant)
    • CE certified

The Keller Preciseline high accuracy pressure transmitter combines piezoresistive silicon sensor technology with Keller's state-of-the-art signal conditioning circuitry to make a very reliable transmitter with excellent Total Error Band (TEB) accuracy over a wide compensated temperature range.

The ability of the Preciseline to provide this level of sustained performance over a wide range of operating conditions makes it ideally suited to pressure monitoring applications such as tank level measurement, pump control, and VFD control.

The most recent model, the Preciseline SDI transmitter, is the serial digital interface version. It combines two industry standard digital communication protocols (SDI-12 & RS485), making it ideally suited for environmental monitoring bubbler applications such as surface water, streams, and reservoirs using existing SDI-12 monitoring equipment.

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AST A08670 Cooling Adapter
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