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  • Switch Rating: 120 Volt Maximum, 0.5 Amp Maximum
  • Reed Switch: Single-pole, single-throw
  • Operates with direct AC or DC supply
  • Easy recalibration with change gears
  • Rugged anodized aluminum enclosure
  • Explosion-proof design meets NEC codes (MS-E1)
  • NEMA 4 environment protection (watertight)
  • Six-digit, non-reset totalizer (MS-ER1)

The Badger Meter MS-E1 and MS-ER1 are mechanical transmitters that provide a scaled electrical pulse signals (switch closure type) for each discrete unit of liquid volume metered. The signal is used to operate instruments and controls. Because of the simplicity of these transmitters, maintenance procedures are minimized, furthermore, the enclosure provides watertight protection and is designed to explosion-proof specifications. The pulse output of the MS-E1 and MS-ER1 pulse transmitters is used with electromechanical or electronic counters and batch controllers that do not provide scaling capabilities. Typical applications include liquid feeding, blending and batch control.

The Badger Meter MS-ER1 adds a six-digit, non-reset totalizing register that provides flow totalization in addition to the pulse output. The mechanical register will totalize under no-power conditions.

The MS-E1 is for use with Badger Meter industrial turbo meters. The MS-ER1 is for use with Badger Meter disc meters and industrial turbo meters.