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  • Measuring Distances:
    • 100 to 130mm (IR-AHS)
    • 130 to 180mm (IR-AHS)
    • 180 to 290mm (IR-AHS & IR-AHU)
    • 250 to 540mm (IR-AHS & IR-AHU)


The CHINO IR-AH series digital infrared thermometer lenses are available for measuring distances shorter than 0.5m.

The IR-VHD13 and IR-VHD18 model lenses are not compatible with the CHINO IR-AHU model infrared thermometer.

Model Measuring Distance Min. Measuring Diameter (IR-AHS) Min. Measuring Diameter (IR-AHU)
IR-VHD13 100 to 130 (mm) ø1.0 to ø1.3mm No
IR-VHD18 130 to 180 (mm) ø1.3 to ø1.8mm No
IR-VHD29 180 to 290 (mm) ø1.8 to ø2.9mm ø0.7 to ø1.2mm
IR-VHD54 250 to 540 (mm) ø2.5 to ø5.4mm ø1.0 to ø2.2mm