CHINO IR-AH Series Digital Infrared Thermometers
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  • Measuring Wavelength
    • 0.96µm (IR-AHS)
    • 0.65µm (IR-AHU)
    • 8 to 13µm (IR-AHT)
  • Measuring Range
    • 600 to 3000°C (IR-AHS)
    • 900 to 3000°C (IR-AHU); -50 to 1000°C (IR-AHT)
  • Accuracy
    • Up to ±0.5% of value ±1 digit (IR-AHS & IR-AHU)
    • Up to ±1% of value ±1 digit (IR-AHT)
  • Repeatability: 1°C ± 1 digit
  • Resolution
    • 1°C (IR-AHS & IR-AHU)
    • 1°C above 50°C (IR-AHT)
  • Response Time
    • 0.5 seconds (IR-AHS & IR-AHU)
    • 1 second (IR-AHT)
  • Emissivity Compensation: e =1.00 to 0.10 (0.01 increment)
  • Data Storage: Up to 1000 data points

The CHINO IR-AH Series digital infrared thermometers are non-contact, handheld infrared thermometers for portable measurement and logging of surface temperature. There are three models available in the CHINO IR-AH Series: IR-AHS, IR-AHU and IR-AHT. These CHINO thermometers offer a digital display of the measured value in a viewfinder and an LCD display, plus storage of measured data.

The CHINO IR-AHS, with a temperature range of 600 to 3000°C, and the IR-AHU, ranging from 900 to 3000°C, both offer accuracy ratings to ±0.5% of the measured value ±1 digit. Meanwhile, the IR-AHT features a temperature range of -50 to 1000°C and accuracies of ±2°C ±1 digit for temperatures less than 200°C and ±1% of the measured value ±1 digit when temperatures exceed 200°C.

Additional features of the CHINO IR-AH Series digital infrared thermometers include data logging of up to 1000 data points, an RS-232C serial port for transmitting stored data to a computer, high/low alarms, °C/°F selection, auto power-off, battery check and users' calibration (zero/span).

CHINO IR-AH Infrared Thermometer Data Logging Software
Real-time trend, multi-point monitoring and 1-point historical trend data management modes available
CHINO IR-AH Series Digital Infrared Thermometer Lenses
Reduces the CHINO IR-AH's measuring distance to as close as 100mm
CHINO AC Power Adapter
Input voltage 100 to 240VAC, output voltage 4.8VDC
CHINO RS-232C Interface Cable
RS-232C interface cable for use with the CHINO instruments
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