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  • Temperature ranges
    • 572 to 1832°F (IR-HAI)
    • 1112 to 3632°F (IR-HAS)
    • 1112 to 3632°F 2-color (IR-HAQ)
    • 752 to 5432°F single color (IR-HAQ)
  • Wavelength
    • 1.55µm (IR-HAI)
    • 0.9µm (IR-HAS)
    • 0.9, 1.55µm (IR-HAQ)
  • ±1.2% accuracy, ±2.4% over 3632°F
  • 0.2s response time
  • 1°F resolution
  • 4-digit LCD digital display
  • Value displays on side of unit & inside viewfinder
  • Dust proof for use in harsh environments
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CHINO IR-HA series infrared thermometers offer three temperature ranges from 572 to 5432°F featuring both 2-color and single color modes with high functionality model IR-HAQNE. The neutral density filter reveals high temperature objects in the viewfinder. The CHINO IR-HA series has a thermocouple input, and emissivity can be set by thermocouple indication.