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  • 4 digit, 8mm LED display
  • ±1.0% FS accuracy
  • 11 to 27VDC supply voltage
  • IP 65/67
  • GloBand™ indicator with 360 degree visibility
  • Output Options:
    • 4-20mA & (1) NPN/PNP Switch
    • (2) NPN/PNP Switches


The Ashcroft GC35 digital pressure sensor is a unique digital pressure sensor ideal for monitoring pressures in hydraulic presses/stamping equipment and lifts, water/wastewater pressure control, and cooling and lubrication systems where consistent, reliable pressure measurement is essential. The GC35 is equipped with Ashcroft's field-proven thin film sensor and can monitor a wide variety of applications.

Ashcroft GC35 digital pressure sensors are available in gauge pressure from 0-50 to 0-7500 psi and compound ranges up to 300 psi and vacuum. This versatile sensor includes a MIN/MAX HOLD feature to record high and low pressure events, and adjustment for controlling display rates.

A rugged aluminum IP65/IP67 enclosure allows for a compact footprint and incorporates a highly visible LED display for local indication. Analog scaling allows the user to configure the unit to any range within the full scale of the sensor range, while integrated switches offer the actuation and deadband to any points within the full scale range.


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