Fuji Electric ZFKE Oxygen Detector
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  • Measured gas temperature: −20 to +800ºC
  • Measured gas pressure: −3 to +3kPa (−306 to +306mmH2O)
  • Flow tube lengths: 300 to 1000mm
  • Includes optional calibration gas inlet and reference air inlets
  • NEPSI standards EExd IIC T6 Ex II2G

This product is an accessory for the following products:

Fuji Electric ZKME Oxygen Analyzer
Zirconia oxygen analyzer for use in hazardous locations

Fuji Electric ZFKE oxygen sensors for hazardous locations work in conjunction with Fuji Electric ZKME converters to form the Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer. Using a direct insertion design with zirconium oxide sensing technology, the ZFKE sensors provide accurate measurement of oxygen concentrations in combustion exhaust gas of industrial boilers or furnaces.

The ZFKE sensor includes a flow tube which is inserted directly into the gas and directs gas to the sensor for measurement. Flow tubes are available for general purpose applications, corrosive gases or equipped with a blow-down nozzle. Tube lengths from 300 to 1000mm are available. Since the flow tube is separate from the sensor, replacing the filter is quick and easy.

The ZFKE sensor includes optional calibration gas and reference air inlets. Diagnostics and recovery functions for the ZFK8 sensor is performed by the ZKME converter. The ZFKE is designed for use in hazardous locations and meets NEPSI standards EExd IIC T6 Ex II2G.