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  • PC Requirements
    • Processor: Pentium II, 450 MHz
    • RAM: 128 MB
    • Available hard disk space: 50 MB
    • Monitor: SVGA, 1024 x 768, 256 colors
    • Ports: one free serial (COM) port or one free USB port or Network Interface Card (Ethernet)
  • Operating System
    • Windows XP, NT4 with SP 6a or higher, Vista / Windows 2000 with SP 2 or higher
    • Windows Server 2003
    • Microsoft .NET framework v 2 or higher
    • ROTRONIC USB driver (when using a USB port to connect devices)
    • HW4 v 2.1.0 or higher is required by the AirChip 3000 instruments and probes such as the HP21 indicator


The Rotronic HW4 software is available in four editions - single user, validated professional, professional with OPC server or validated professional with OPC server.

HW4 Single User Edition

The Rotronic HW4 Standard Edition software is fully adequate used to configure, calibrate and adjust the HygroPalm humidity meter

  • Unlimited number of instruments (depends on capabilities of PC and available ports)
  • On-line display of the measured and calculated values (dew point or other) - limited to a single instrument at a time (instrument may have several probes)
  • Automatic retention of the most recent data in a temporary on-line buffer
  • Logging of measured and calculated values to the PC (can be done simultaneously with local data logging)
  • Easy-to-read graphs and data tables
  • Statistical data analysis: mean, standard deviation, minimum and maximum (off-line data only)
  • Data print-out (table or graph)
  • Automatic device / instrument recognition and identification
  • Device/instrument configuration
  • Adjustment / calibration of the HygroClip and HygroClip 2 digital probes
  • Psychrometric Conversion Tool
  • Built-in security to protect against manipulation of recorded data

HW4 Validated Professional Edition

Meets the requirements of FDA 21CFR Part II / GAMP and allows multiple users, with either administrator or standard rights. On each single port (RS-232, USB or TCP/IP), HW4 Professional can monitor up to 64 instruments connected together in a multi-dropped RS-485 network. The number of such networks depends on the number of available ports.

  • All the functionality of HW4 Standard Edition
  • Password protected log-in
  • User Event Logging: automatically keeps track of user activity
  • On-line display in a single graph of the data from multiple instruments and probes
  • Overlaying of multiple log files into a single graph
  • Self Event Logging: automatically records eventual software problems to facilitate troubleshooting
  • Logger Event Logging: automatically records the data logger internal events and configuration changes
  • Automatic creation of protocols detailing instrument configuration changes, log function programming and probe adjustment
  • Extensive alarm functions and alarm reporting. Indication on the PC of an alarm condition, printing of a report or sending an e-mail (MAPI or SMTP)
  • Automatic downloading and archiving on the PC of the files recorded locally by a data logger
  • Automatic synchronization of the networked devices with the PC time
  • Device protection against unauthorized configuration / programming changes

HW4 Professional with OPC Server

Includes all features of HW4 Professional while also providing OPC tags that can be enabled for each individual device communicating with HW4. This allows exporting and integrating the HW4 data with practically any OPC client (requires configuration / programming of the OPC client by the user).

HW4 Validated Professional with OPC Server

Offers the same functionality as HW4 Professional with OPC server. Additionally, the "HW4 e-compliance Package" is available. This extensive collection of documents (including template of qualification documents) is designed to support the "regulated user" by qualifying/validating HW4-based solutions. The most current validated release of HW4 is v 2.3.0.