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  • 2-wire, 3/4-wire and digital models available
  • Use with HygroClip2 probes
  • ±0.8%rh / 0.2K accuracy (probe dependent)
  • 0.3%rh / .05°C repeatability
  • <1%rh / <1°C per year long term stability
  • Less than 10 sec response time τ 63
  • -50 to 200°C / 0 to 100%RH measurement (probe dependent)
  • Output calculated psychrometric parameters
  • User scalable output signals
This product requires a HygroClip2 probe which is not included. Kits are available here


The Rotronic HygroFlex5-series is the latest development in transmitters for humidity, temperature and dew point. The innovative HygroFlex5-series features the possibility to output all psychrometric calculations as an analog signal.

The HygroFlex5-series is compatible with HygroClip2 probes with integrated AirChip3000 technology - which achieve a degree of accuracy not seen before. Advances in sensor technology and integration allow the Rotronic HygroFlex HF52-, HF53- and HF55- transmitters to provide superb precision and state-of-the-art functionality, taking humidity, temperature and dew point measurements to a whole new level of performance and reliability. AirChip3000 technology compensates humidity and temperature over 30,000 reference points, has a 2000 data point memory, calculates dew/frost point, has sensor auto-diagnostics and automatic correction.

The HygroFlex5-series has an optional backlit graphic display of measured values with trend indicators. Wall or duct mount versions with robust industrial housing are available. The Rotronic Hygroflex5-series transmitters have two freely selectable and scalable analog outputs. Units are available as 2-wire (HF52), 3/4-wire (HF53) and digital (HF55) transmitters. The optional digital outputs allow integration on a network via RS485, Ethernet and wireless connections.

Rotronic HygroFlex5-series Applications

The HygroFlex5-series is ideal for all applications were exact measurement of humidity and temperature is of decisive importance.

  • Food and pharmaceutical industry
  • Printing and paper industry
  • Meteorology
  • Agriculture
  • Climatology

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