Bacharach Calibration Kit



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This product is an accessory for the following products:

Bacharach ECA 450 Environmental Analyzer
Measures and displays O2 and CO in the flue gas, pressure (draft), primary air temperature, and stack temperature
Bacharach Fyrite InTech Combustion Analyzer
Direct measurement of O₂ as well as stack and ambient temperature with CO measurement optional
  • FREE 2-year CO sensor exchange ($199 value)
In Stock
Bacharach Fyrite Tech Combustion Analyzer
The easiest and most affordable way to gain the benefits of electronic-combustion testing
Bacharach Monoxor III Carbon Monoxide Detector
Portable analyzer designed to detect and display concentrations of carbon monoxide in ambient air, flue gases or combustion equipment
Bacharach PCA2 Combustion Analyzer
Commercial grade, handheld combustion and emissions analyzer for sampling of combustion equipment
Bacharach Snifit 50 Carbon Monoxide Analyzer
Analyzer for measuring Carbon monoxide (CO) concentration levels in room air

The Bacharach combustion analyzer calibration kit includes everything needed to perform calibrations on combustion analyzers except the gas. The kit inlcudes a regulator, hoses, flow meter, carry case and instructions.

Calibration gases sold separately