• HART or Foundation Fieldbusdigital communications
  • Multiple parameter and transmitter options
  • No reagents — free chlorine and monochloramine sensors are completely reagent-free
  • Variopol quick disconnect sensors
  • Prewired and plumbed
  • Low sample flow; <3gph (183 mL/min)


The Rosemount Analytical Model WQS water quality system is intended for the determination of any combination of pH, ORP, conductivity, temperature, free chlorine or monochloramine, oxygen, turbidity and particle index in fresh water. The Rosemount Analytical Model WQS system combines user-specified instruments and sensors to create a customized system for monitoring water quality. Unlike systems from other manufacturers, the Model WQS does not use expensive sample conditioning systems or messy reagents.

The Rosemount Analytical Model WQS systems require less than 3 gph (183 mL/min) sample flow. There is little waste, which is important in areas where water is scarce or a sewer is not available.

The Rosemount Analytical Model WQS is ideal for continuous monitoring of water distribution systems by providing constant surveillance of water quality events that may affect the security of your distribution network. The Model WQS helps ensure acceptable water quality parameters are maintained throughout the distribution system and assists in meeting the requirements of the Surface Water Treatment Rule.


This product can be used in the following applications: