• Accurate to ± 3%" of full scale @ 25º C
  • Detects CO, NO2, O2, H2, H2S, CH4 and C3H8
  • Provides real-time reading of gas values display
  • Activates horns, strobes or fans via two on-board relays
  • Utilizes plug-and-play sensor cartridge
  • Options include wall or duct mount; 120 VAC version
  • CAN/CSA-C22.2 NO. 61010-1; UL 61010 approved


The Honeywell E3Point is a versatile gas detector that utilizes flexible configuration options and multiple communications protocols to monitor and control toxic and combustible gases in commercial applications.

The E3Point uses self-testing diagnostics and an accurate, reliable electrochemical and catalytic bead sensor technology that reduces false alarms. The Honeywell E3Point Gas Monitor features an audible alarm greater than 85 dBA at 3m (10 ft) and has an accuracy of ± 3% of full-scale at 25°C. Gas concentration values, sensor data and other diagnostic information can be viewed on the Honeywell E3Point Gas Monitor main unit's LCD display. Interchangeable sensors are pre-calibrated at the factory and can be exchanged quickly and easily.

The Honeywell E3Point in available in both wall- and duct-mounting models. The Honeywell E3Point Gas Monitor can be configured as a standalone device with single or dual-gas (via remote sensor) monitoring or as a fully addressable, networked system that can be integrated with a building automation system such as Modbus or BACnet. Using the networked configuration, up to 96 addressable E3Point units can be linked, or daisy-chained, on a Honeywell Vulcain 301C Controller to various building systems such as a fire/security/HVAC network to increase the energy efficiency, performance and safety of new and retrofitted structures.




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This product can be used in the following applications:

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Fish Oil Processing

The Background: The customer, a supplement manufacturer, uses nitrogen gas as a preservative for fish oil.

The Problem: The extensive use of nitrogen gas has caused concern about oxygen depletion on the production floor. The customer is looking for a reliable, accurate and cost effective means of monitoring oxygen levels.

The Solution: We recommended the Honeywell E3Point Gas Monitor with an oxygen sensor. The E3Point is a commercial-grade instrument often used in garages and similar spaces to monitor oxygen levels, so it’s a natural fit for this application. Additionally, it offers the accuracy and reliability the customer needs along with built-in relays for alarm and control functions.

Monitoring Vehicle Emissions in a Parking Garage

The Background: Our customer operates a parking garage and seeks a more cost-effective way to provide adequate ventilation.

The Problem: Vehicle emissions in enclosed spaces are a health hazard necessitating a ventilation system capable of keeping pollutants at safe levels. Running ventilation fans continuously, though, is very expensive.

The Solution: We recommended a Honeywell E3Point gas monitor outfitted with CO and NO2 sensors. The E3Point includes two relays which can be used to activate ventilation fans when vehicle emissions reach unsafe levels and shut them off when the levels subside. This keeps the fans from running continuously resulting in considerable energy savings. Multiple units can be also be networked to a central location for multi-level control.

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