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  • Accuracy: ±0.3°C (TC15M); ±1.5°C (TC65M)
  • TC65M heat/cool times: 14min (heat); 40min (cool)
  • TC15M heat/cool times: 50min (heat); 20min (cool)
  • Provides true temperature references, not simulated
  • Compact design, highly portable and ideal for field use
  • USB communications port
  • Safe, Dry Calibration: No liquids
  • 2-Button Operation: Easy to use
  • Provides minimum stabilization time and high accuracy

What's in the Box

  • Probe inserts (a blank & a 1/4in)
  • Thermal switch leads
  • Calibration certificate
  • Instruction manual

The IKM TC Series of dry block temperature calibrators generates true thermal references, not electronically-simulated ones. The TC Series' lightweight, compact design makes them ideal for calibrating your temperature sensors on-site. All IKM temperature calibrators come with interchangeable inserts that can be drilled with single or multiple immersion chambers to meet the specifications of your sensors.

Programmable in either °Celsius or °Fahrenheit, the TC Series' two-button operation allows for easy programming. Obtaining true reference temperatures has never been easier - simply place the sensor to be tested inside the well and set the temperature. The dual line display will show both the true and set temperature; once stabilization occurs, read the temperature and recalibrate the process or sensor. IKM temperature calibrators may be used for calibration of thermocouples, thermistors and RTD sensors, or complete temperature loops.

IKM TC15M Temperature Calibrator

This temperature calibrator can generate both an ice point reference and a boiling point reference in one portable unit, making it the optimal choice for food, dairy, and biotechnology requirements. The TC15M replaces the TC150 and TC125.

IKM TC65M Temperature Calibrators

For higher temperature applications, in particular calibration of J and K thermocouples up to 650°C (1192°F). The TC65M replaces the TC400, TC600, TC650 and TC60M.

IKM TC15M Inserts
Aluminum inserts for IKM TC15M temperature calibrators
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IKM TC65M Inserts
Alloy inserts for Scan Sense TC65M temperature calibrators
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Hard Case for IKM TC15M and TC65M temperature calibrators
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Application Notes

Here's how some of our customers used this product.

Calibration of Marine Temperature Sensors and Switches

The Background: Our customer is a ship that requires traceable testing of thermocouples and temperature switches as part of their certification.

The Problem: The customer has a variety of K-type thermocouples and switches that are working in the 400 to 500°C range. Previously, the customer would test the items with thermocouple simulators which led to inaccuracy within the system.

The Solution: The IKM TC65M with removable inserts is a lightweight and portable solution for testing the accuracy of thermocouples and includes an input for testing temperature switches. The TC65M is supplied with a traceable calibration certificate and DNV certification for ships.

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TC65M [110]
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TC65M: 30 to 650°C
Power Supply
110 VAC
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