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  • 0.020 to 20 inches thickness range
  • -4°F to 122°F gauge operating temperature range
  • -5°F to 950°F surface temperature range of material
  • Splash-proof, high impact plastic case
  • 0.0200 to 0.7362 in/uS material velocity calibration range
  • Rubber illuminating keypad
  • Freeze mode
  • Hold mode


The Danatronics EHC-09 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge is a portable, digital, hand-held ultrasonic thickness gauge designed to measure the wall thickness of primarily steel structures.

The EHC-09A is the entry level ultrasonic thickness gauge packaged in the same field proven IP54 rated case with rubber keypad as the rest of the EHC-09 Series. The standard probe can measure steel from 0.040-20in (1-508mm) while offering full field upgradeability to echo to echo to ignore coatings, 100K datalogger as well as A-Scan and B-Scan.

The EHC-09B is the general purpose model ultrasonic thickness gauge designed to make reliable, accurate thickness readings on mostly steel structures. The EHC-09B offers a simple user interface, can be used with all the transducers of the EHC-09 and Datalogger version and is easily upgraded in the field to the EHC-09, EHC-09DL and EHC-09DLW, no need to return the unit to the factory.

The EHC-09 is the mid-range model combining the most commonly used features such as Echo to Echo to ignore coatings. With the EHC-09 you can increase or decrease the gain, vibrate and illuminate the keypad on alarm conditions. It offers a simple, field upgradeable path to add the 100,000 thickness reading datalogger with B-scan and live waveform for echo verification

The EHC-09DL/EHC-09DLCW are the top of the line models offering all the same features of the EHC-09 plus our flexible datalogger, B-Scan and Echo to Echo. It also includes a custom molded pouch with belt clip and elastic strap to easily hold the unit in either the left or right hand. The EHC-09DLW features live waveform.

The EHC-09 is the first Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge to offer a color screen. The unique features include live color A-Scan, B-Scan, 100K thickness reading (3500 waveforms) datalogger with interface program, vibration and color change of waveform on alarm

These Danatronics ultrasonic thickness gauges ship complete with plastic carrying case, 2 oz. bottle of couplant, 2 AA batteries, instruction manual, 5MHz, 0.375in diameter transducer with potted cable (DKS-537), protective pouch, Echo to Echo, B-Scan, USB cable and data XL software.