• Four simultaneous LCD displays
    • Watts, power factor or VA, voltage or Hz, & amps
  • True RMS voltage and current measurements
  • Plug device to be tested directly into the power analyzer
  • Choice of battery or AC adapter power
  • Max recall, data hold, overload protection
  • Built-in data logger stores over 1000 readings

What's in the Box

  • Software
  • Serial cable
  • 8 AA batteries
  • Power cord
  • 117 VAC adapter
  • Carrying case (built-in)

The Extech 380803 power analyzer and data logger offer great features in a compact easy-to-use package. The device to be tested plugs directly into the testing unit and offers four simultaneous LCD displays of watts, power factor or VA, voltage or Hz and amps. The tester uses True RMS voltage and current measurements of sine, square, triangular and distorted wave forms with a crest factor of < 5.

The Extech 380803 power analyzer is the perfect solution for many applications including measuring and auditing power consumption of single phase devices. The Extech 380803 power analyzer can also effectively evaluate the load performance under varying line conditions, demonstrate the effectiveness of power conservation efforts, and characterize device AC power requirements.

The Extech 380803 power analyzer has a built in data logger that stores up to 1,012 readings with a choice of single record storage or continuous data logging. Windows software is included to monitor readings on a PC, display KWH, KWH/month and cost. Measurements can be charted over time and saved/printed all with the touch of one key. Computations include phase angle, apparent and reactive power, consumption and cost and power factor correction.

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