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  • Use one RUI for multiple zone solutions to save costs
  • Fits in small places due to shallow panel depth
  • Eliminates costs and complexity of having to bring all controller related wires to front panel area
  • Enables use of multiple remote user interfaces to improve usability of system
  • Dual 4 digit, 7 segment LED displays
  • Forward, backward, up and down keys plus a customer programmable function key
  • Typical display update rate 1Hz
  • Agency approved to IP65/NEMA 4X
  • High (100-240V) or low (24-28V) voltage models available


The Watlow Remote User Interface is the in-panel display and interface for the Watlow EZ-Zone ST integrated control loop. The user has the option of adding one or more remote user interface (RUI) displays. The RUI is 1/16 DIN and can be mounted at the front of the equipment for easy use. The RUI also features an "EZ key," which can be customized to perform repeatable functions for the user.

Watlow EZ-Zone ST Integrated Control Loop

The Watlow EZ-Zone ST is the first product to integrate temperature control, power control, safety shut-down, and power disconnect in a single package. It features a PID temperature controller already connected to a high amperage solid state relay (SSR) with the option of adding a properly sized heat sink, current measurement, an over/under temperature limit, a definite purpose mechanical contactorland digital communications in one package.

With the Watlow EZ-Zone ST integrated control loop, there are no more crowded, messy, and cumbersome control panels. There are no more components that lack status information. There are no more dealings with multiple suppliers for various discrete components. Watlow's integrated control loop just made the user's life a whole lot simpler because this new controller package decreases design and assembly time, minimizes system complexity, and best of all, lowers total cost of ownership.