• Range of -200°C to 962Ydeg;C
  • Accuracy of <±0.005°C (<±0.01°C full range)
  • Selectable resolution of 0.001°C or 0.01°C
  • Dual channel inputs A, B or A-B
  • Direct readout in ohms, °C, °F or K
  • Front panel data entry with security key
  • Up to 32 channels with SB250 switchbox


The digital ASL F250 MKII precision thermometer provides high accuracy, dual channel temperature measurement for Platinum Resistance Thermometers (PRT). The ASL F250 MKII precision thermometer exploits the inherent advantages of AC bridge technology to maintain repeatable measurements of the highest precision.

The ASL F250 MKII precision thermometer features front panel data entry, which allows you to enter probe calibration data so that the thermometer resistance can accurately be converted to temperature in °C, °F or K. A comprehensive range of features and multi-channel capabilities make the ASL F250 MKII precision thermometer ideal for a wide range of simple or specialist applications. You can use the ASL F250 MKII precision thermometer as a single probe laboratory instrument, a portable site standard, or as a permanently wired multi-channel scanning system, especially when used in conjunction with the data acquisition software.

Typical Applications for the ASL F250 MKII Digital Thermometer

  • Site Thermometer Calibration
  • Environmental chambers
  • Research
  • Viscometry
  • Multi-channel logging