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  • Autotune PID for easy set-up
  • Control outputs: Relay and/or SSR Drive
  • IP54 sealed fascia
  • 4 bright LED digits display to 1° or 0.1° in °C or °F
  • Positive feel buttons
  • Comprehensive alarm modes
  • 9 thermocouples, RTD/PT100 inputs
  • 115VAC or 230VAC options


The autotuning CAL Controls 9900 Series temperature controllers pioneered the market of digital 1/16 DIN (48mm x 48mm) PID controllers in 1986. This series is still supplied to many high volume customers.

The latest 1/16th DIN controller is the CAL Controls 9400 Series Temperature Controller which features much easier programming menus together with a communications option.

The CAL Controls 9900 Series temperature controller features two types of Autotune to ensure optimum control of a wide range of applications.

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