CAL Controls 3200 Series Temperature Controller
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  • Ultra-compact size: 24mm x 48mm
  • Universal Input
  • Autotune PID for easy set-up
  • Dual-output: 2A relay plus SSR drive
  • IP65/ Nema 4X sealed fascia
  • 4 bright LED digits display to 1° or 0.1° in °C or °F
  • Positive feel buttons
  • 5 alarm modes
  • 9 thermocouples, RTD/PT100 inputs
  • Removable rear screw terminal block

The CAL Controls 3200 Series temperature controller was the world's first 1/32 DIN (24mm x 48mm) controller launched in 1992. A key feature of the CAL Controls 3200 Series temperature controller is the standard autotune functionality. Autotune ‘teaches' the controller the main characteristics of the process. For best results with the CAL Controls 3200 Series temperature controller, run the Autotune with the usual setpoint temperature under normal load conditions. Autotune ‘learns' by cycling the output on and off. The results are measured and used to calculate optimum PID values, which are automatically entered in the controller's memory.

Standard inputs to the CAL Controls 3200 Series temperature controller are 9 types of thermocouples as well as RTD-2/Pt100 2-wire resistance thermometers. Output devices include the solid state relay drive and miniature power relay.

The CAL Controls 3200 Series temperature controller is still in full production today.

For the very latest 1/32 DIN controller, see the CAL Controls 3300 Series Temperature Controller which uses the same program menus but has the benefit of communications and latest aesthetic designs.

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Power Supply
100-240V AC
LED Display
Green LED display
$262.00 25

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