For over thirty years Erbessd Reliability has been leading the industry in providing intuitive, easy-to-use dynamic balancing, coupling alignment, shaft alignment & vibration analysis products that make their customers’ jobs easier. Rugged, repeatable, and relentlessly reliable, Erbessd products exceed industry recognized standards and offer a choice that doesn’t consume your budget.

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Erbessd Reliability Phantom Remote Monitoring System
Wireless vibration, temperature, Amperage and RPM monitoring, cloud or local network capability
Erbessd Reliability DigivibeMX Series Vibration Analyzer
Complete, reliable and productive system for vibration analysis and dynamic balancing
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Erbessd Reliability EI-30 Balancing Machine
Portable horizontal balancing machine for 30kg with soft bearing suspension
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Erbessd Reliability EI-Series Balancing Machines
Single and two plane balancing, 660, 2,200, or 4,400lb max load options, variable speed with an inverter, adjustable pulleys
Erbessd Reliability EIMU Vibration Monitor
Real time measurements, remote analysis, 2 channels recorded simultaneously, ideal for difficult access machines
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Erbessd Reliability SBS Series Soft Bearing Suspension
Soft bearing suspensions for dynamic balancing, available with max loads of 66lb, 660lb, 2200lb or 4400lb
Erbessd Reliability EI-WISER 3X Wireless Sensors
Designed for vibration analysis and dynamic balancing, Triaxial Accelerometer available for mobile & Windows devices
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Erbessd Reliability Phantom Sensors
Replacement or spare sensors for the Phantom Remote Monitoring System
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Erbessd Reliability PHANTOM-REP Repeater
Repeater for Phantom sensors
Erbessd Reliability PHANTOM-GW-4G Module
Accessory GSM 4G Module for Phantom Gateways
Erbessd Phantom Exchangeable Battery
Exchangeable battery for Phantom Sensors
Erbessd Reliability PO4V-300 pulleys
Set of pulleys "V" belt A type for the EI-300
Erbessd Reliability PO4P-30 Pulleys
Set of Pulleys for flat belt on the EI-30
Erbessd Reliability PO4P-10/20 Pulleys
Set of pulleys for the flat belt on the EI-1000 and EI-2000
Erbessd Reliability BAN30 Synthetic flat belt
Synthetic flat belt for the EI-30
Erbessd Reliability V Belt A Type
"V" belt A type for the EI-300
Erbessd Reliability BAN1000 Synthetic Flat Belt
Synthetic flat belt for the EI-1000
Erbessd Reliability BAN2000 Synthetic Flat Belt
Synthetic flat Belt for the EI-2000