The New PACMotion Solution by Emerson

by Shan G.

Image of Emerson PACMotion products sold by Instrumart, a leading supplier for industrial instrumentation.

PACSystems Servo Solutions: Improve your machine’s performance and efficiency with a high-speed, integrated motion control system.

The Emerson PACMotion combines an integrated motion and machine logic solution with the performance, flexibility, and scalability required for advanced machine automation. Configured to provide the easiest integration and development, greatest precision and yield, and reduced maintenance, the PACMotion controller, servo drives, and servo motors are designed to work together in applications from a few to up to 40 axes on a single backplane.

Header image with text "New Features for Emerson PACMotion"

New Features for Emerson PACMotion

What's New?

Emerson RX3i PPM345 Motion Controller

Reduce Costs

Whether you’re implementing a new system or modernizing your legacy controllers, PACMotion simplifies and speeds development with one integrated programming environment for PLC logic, motion control, HMI, and safety. Common programming across applications helps speed commissioning and simplify upgrades.

Improve ROI

PACMotion solutions save money upfront and over time with fast commissioning, rapid changeovers, high reliability and built-in diagnostics to reduce downtime and lower total cost of ownership.

Increase speed and precision

The unique design of the PACMotion controller allows higher speeds than traditional networks, while 64-bit floating-point precision and patented JerkFree technology enables users to program with microsecond accuracy.

Reliable performance

Faster product turnover, greater variability, and shorter production require flexible modular control systems that can keep pace with today’s extreme production demands. PACMotion solutions are as durable as they are versatile and scalable, improving application performance and boosting productivity.

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Advantages of the Emerson PACMotion Multi-Axis Motion Controller 

Learn about some of the highlights of the new Emerson PACMotion Multi-Axis Motion Controller.

  • Same high-performance motion engine as the PMM335
  • Same built-in and remote motion IO as the PMM335
  • Easiest possible migration for existing PMM335 customers
  • Same PACSystems RX3i native integration
  • Now on EtherCAT open network protocol
  • Future access to a broader range of motion products
  • RoHS compliant

Are you looking for an easy migration? By using these systems, you will maintain as much of your current design as possible while moving forward to a modern, option motion solution.

Keep the same:

  • Operator Interface / HMI
  • PACSystems RX3i controller, backplane, local IO hardware, and standard control program
  • PACMotion PLC Open program
  • Same motion IO (local and FTB)
  • Motor mechanical mounts

Swap in new:

  • EtherCAT based motion controller card, the PMM345 in place of existing PMM335
  • PACMotion Servo Amplifiers and communications cable
  • PACMotion Servo Motors (with matching flange, bolt pattern, and shaft)
  • New Combined Power and Control Cable between
  • PACMotion Servo Amplifiers and Servo Motors

PAC Motion Servo Sizing Application

To ensure you always choose the right motor for your application, the PAC Motion Servo Sizing App is available to all PACMotion users. This tool aids in motion design by providing users a graphical interface to match PACMotion Servo Motors with various tools and products. Components like lead screws, timing belts, gearboxes, and electrical motors are all included. As users input key parameters like diameter of gears/pulleys, the ratio of the gearbox, and load, the PAC Motion Servo Sizing App determines which motor is right for the job.

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Still Need Help? Call an Engineer Today

If this post still leaves you wondering what type of industrial instrumentation would work best for your application, our engineers would be happy to help you. Give them a call at 1-800-884-4967. Or, you can shop for a wide range of industrial instrumentation from top brands and even configure your product online. We offer free lifetime tech support with every product sold.