Discover the Next Level in Pressure Sensors: Druck ADROIT6000

by Mike C.

Image of the Druck ADROIT6000 Pressure Transmitter sold by Instrumart

For nearly 50 years, Druck, a Baker Hughes business, has been an industry leader in the development of pressure sensing technologies. Its DPS, UNIK, and TERPS lines of pressure sensors pushed the boundaries of innovation and provided Druck customers with the highest performance, stability, quality, accuracy, and the quickest response in any environment.

With the recent introduction of the ADROIT6000 series pressure transmitter, Druck has once again redefined the cutting edge of pressure measurement technology.

The development of the ADROIT6000 line builds upon Druck’s vast experience in the field and its commitment to research and development. From the silicon processing, through the mechanical construction of the pressure sensing module and electronics design, to the selection of electrical connectors, each component of the ADROIT6000 has been optimized to meet the requirements for applications where reliable and accurate measurement of pressure is crucial.

Header image with text "Features of the Druck ADROIT6000 Pressure Transmitter"

Features of the Druck ADROIT6000 Pressure Transmitter

The ADROIT6000 delivers the features and performance users expect from a next-generation pressure sensor. The ADROIT6200, the first of the series, uses the highest grade components and is designed to withstand high levels of shock, vibration, and temperature extremes. Its 19mm diameter makes it ideal for fitting into the tightest spaces and its analog output makes it easy to interface with existing infrastructure.

The ADROIT6000 uses sophisticated digital signal processing to achieve an accuracy of 0.1%. Since temperature fluctuations have a significant effect on accuracy, the ADROIT60000 creates a digital temperature map of temperature over pressure to mitigate those effects. The ADROIT6000 also takes temperature readings from the same resistors used to measure pressure which reduces the likelihood that temperature differences between the pressure and temperature sensing elements contribute to inaccuracy.

The effects of temperature are further mitigated through the use of materials and design elements that reduce thermal hysteresis to typically better than 0.05%FS over a temperature compensated range of -40 to 125°.

Another outstanding feature of the Druck ADROIT6000 pressure sensor is the easy-to-use interface module and App that Druck created to complement the sensor. Like any measurement device, the ADROIT6000 performs best when calibrated to confirm accuracy. If adjustments are necessary, inputting zero and span data into the App adjusts the sensor accordingly with just a push of the button. Even without calibration, the App allows a zero set to be carried out. The ADROIT6000 makes it easier than ever to calibrate and adjust the sensor settings.

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Still Need Help? Call an Engineer Today

Druck ADROIT6000 industrial-grade pressure sensors raise the bar on performance. After temperature, pressure is the most commonly measured industrial parameter. When your pressure measurement application requires the highest degrees of performance and reliability, you can have confidence that the ADROIT6000 will provide years of outstanding service. 

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