The Keller Econoline: New and Improved

by John A.

Image of the Keller Econoline

Here at Instrumart, we know that when customers are looking to make a purchase, they want high-quality, high-reliability products at an honest price. With the launch of the new and improved Keller Econoline General Purpose Pressure Transmitter, you’ll get just that. In this blog post, we will be reviewing the highlights of this redesign and why the Keller Econoline might just be the right pressure transmitter for both your process and your budget.

New Streamlined Size

The Keller Econoline was already known for its small size and low weight and now with its new design, the same standards hold. However, the new design is available in the same physical size across all pressure ranges and the only physical changes are based on the choice of electrical connector. Those options include cabled, mini-DIN, and the new M12 option, which is supplied with a mating connector.

New Pricing Structure

Keller is now producing the Econoline in an updated and streamlined “lean production cell” which allows the manufacturer to produce a higher quantity, faster. Ultimately this reduces lead times for customers and a higher likelihood of stock availability. Perhaps the greatest bonus here is that streamlining their production has allowed Keller to offer the Econoline at its lowest list price ever.

Keller Econoline Series

Improved Specs: Total Error Band, FS Static, Pressure Range

With its new design, the Keller Econoline General now offers a refined Total Error Band of ±1% accuracy over 0...50°C and offers pressure ranges available from 0 to 30 up to 10,000 PSI. Additionally, the new units are 0.25% FS static whereas the old version was 1% static plus thermal effects. The Econoline is assembled to order in the U.S. and, according to the manufacturer's site, meets the requirements for ARRA Section 1065.

In summary, the Keller Econoline series remains a rugged, reliable transmitter that is easy to use and provides accurate readings in a multitude of applications at a fraction of the cost of other units.

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