Kobold MIM: Reliable Conductive Flow Measurement

by Mathias H.
Kobold MIM Electromagnetic Flow Meter Image

In today’s market, flow meters can vary in size, readout options, IP ratings - you name it. Finding the perfect fit for your application can prove tricky with the expansive range of flow meters available and with the variety of technologies that can be used to measure your flow rate. In this post, let’s review the Kobold MIM Series Electromagnetic Flow Meter. With its impressively compact all-metal design, the MIM is rated for small to medium conductive liquid and non-potable water applications. The MIM’s adjustable outputs and display orientation makes this electromagnetic flow meter easily accessible, readable, and configurable while in the field.

Kobold MIM Electromagnetic Flow Meter Highlights:

  • Stainless steel all-metal body
  • Measures bi-directional flow and temperature of a conductive liquid & non-potable water applications
  • Measures flow rate up to 200 GPM (750 LPM)
  • Accuracy of ±(0.8% of Reading, 0.5% F.S.)
  • Available functions include transmitting, batching and switching
  • Easy to Setup Intuitive Menu
  • Configurable Outputs Available
  • IP67 Rated
  • Resettable totalizer
  • Easy to Use

    The Kobold MIM’s high-quality stainless steel all-metal body and compact design sets the user up for a seamless installation. This flow meter offers an easy-to-navigate menu and multiple configuration options. The two available outputs can be set to switch, analog, pulse, or frequency. Available functions include batching, transmitting, and switching. The totalizer is resettable.

    Easy to Set Up

    With no moving internal parts, the all-metal design of the Kobold MIM is rugged and reliable. Are you looking to use the MIM with an NPT process connection? No problem! Check out the Kobold MIM Series Fitting Kits. The fittings are stainless steel and are available in G1/2, G3/4 and G1 meter connections or ¼, ½ or ¾ inch NPT male or female process connections.

    Easy to Configure

    As you can see in the below promo video, the Kobold MIM’s display is easy to read and menu easy to navigate. On top of this, the newly designed display can be rotated in 90-degree increments to fit the user’s required meter orientation. If you’re in the market for an electromagnetic flow meter that has extremely accessible in-field functionality, the MIM is a great option.

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